Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blog News

Thanks for checking in. I've moved all of my information, and MUCH more, that I used to post here to my myspace blog. You do NOT have to be a myspace member to read it. You can find it at: and click on "Blog".



Thursday, February 01, 2007

your LIVE questions tonight

Will be taking your questions and comments LIVE during the show tonight, 1 am - 4 am eastern Thursday night. e-mail during the live show.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Live e-mail tonight!

Very rare show this Friday night/Saturday morning starting at 3am Eastern. I will be taking your questions or comments LIVE by e-mailing .

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Caffine content in various beverages

One little bolg of minor importance before I start my vacation. For over a year now I've sworn by Isomers Brry Blast enery drink as the greatest pick-me-up in the world. I have one in the morning and I'm awake in minutes, then usually one more before work to get me through. Not only does it have caffine but b vitamins and amino acids, plus it tastes awesome.

Now back to the caffine. I never really looked at how much caffine is in one packet but I just checked and it's 75 miligrams. How does that compare to other drinks? Let's look...

My favorite soda-pop in the world, Pepsi One, has 55.5 milligrams of caffine. My other favorite Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi has 38. As a teenagre I downed Mountain Dew by the gallon because that was supposedly high in caffine, it's up there at 55. A good-old fashioned can of Coke, only 34. In the summer, nothing like and iced cold Snapple Sweetened tea, low on the caffine scale at 12 milligrams.

So whatever happened to that nice hot cup of coffee right? If you brew it, you'll get from 80-135 milligrams of caffine and the cup of coffee, drip: highest on the chart at 115-175. Even your cup of decaf, either brewed or instant has 2-4 milligrams so if you need to completely avoid caffine don't drink it. Beverages with ZERO caffine include: Fresca, Siera Mist, A&W root beer, Minute Maid and Sundrop Orange, Mug and Diet Barq's Root Beer (non-diet Barq's actually has 23 milligrams I was surprised to learn), 7-up, sprite and Diet-Rite cola.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Watch shows this weekend

Android watch show in a very unusual time slot, 3am-5am eastern time on Saturday morning. I will be reading and answering your e-mails during the live show so please tune in and get interactive with us!

Then the usual Saturday night watch show will start an hour later than usual, 2am eastern time and running until 4am. This show will have one of the greatest mixes of watches in months as we showcase Adee Kaye, Jacques lemans, Concord, ZODIAC (whoo! hoo!!), Poljot, Lucien Piccard, Triumph, Croton, Vostok, Edox, Accutron, and an assortment of watch boxes and winders. It will also be a live, interactive show so have your questions and comments ready.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Saturday night SWI

This is one of those classic "Can't miss" shows if you love watches. Lior and the gang at SWI have delivered one of the single biggest OTV bargains ever. Now if you get the time zone newsletter that Jim puts out (shame on you if you don't it's free!) you got all the details. What he didn't disclose is the price. Now for those that don't know, it's a citizen automatic movement, 45mm case, carbon-fiber dial in an array of color choices.

It's only $138.00!!!!!!

Oh I forgot to mention, you also get a watch winder. That's right, a watch winder is included with your purchase. That alone would sell for 138 bucks many places.

The phones will, as I say, "explode" so please make sure you're there right at midnight eastern.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

3 hours of Invicta

the usual Saturday watch show will be starting an hour earlier and running 3 full hours. Don't miss it Saturday night starting at Midnight eastern.